Mark Jason Kemp

I was born in South Yorkshire, England in 1971. and live and work in London. My favourite medium is fine pastel pencil but after losing the use of my right arm i have been forced to work with digital media until i learn to use my left hand effectively.

(Secret Garden). - The Long Count (2012. a time set in stone).

having lived amongst and studied the mayan culture for over two years, in guatemala mexico and belize i feel we are heading for a great change on this earth. not necessarily an apocolypse but maybe an earth shift brought on by some astronomical event, or the passing of a yet to be discovered planet on a very large orbital plane. their calendar is more precise than ours it is made using precession the only true measure of time. i therefore feel that what will happen will not be a prediction but an event that happens and keeps happening time after time over many millenia. it need not be a bad thing time will tell, but i owe it the mayan priests not to dismiss it out of hand. My work for this exhibition is basedon both the Mayan Calendar and the Aztec Calendar Stone.

Group Expositions:

20 Hoxton Square Gallery, shoreditch. (October 2007).

Five Gallery, Notting Hill. (September 2008).

Solo Expositions:

\"Patronato de Bellas Artes\" Guatemala City, Central America - \"Serie Lapidas Azules\" - February 1994.

\"Galleria Internacional de Arte\" Miami/Guatemala. - \"Varying Degrees of Hopelessness\" - May 1994.

\"El Attico\" Guatemala City, Central America - \"The Street Children of Guatemala\" - July 1994.

(NOT SO) Permenant Works:

\"The Nat ional Museum of Modern Art \" - Guatemala City, Central America. - \"Self Portrait with Apple\" (stolen from museum).

\"The National Museum of Modern Art \" - Guatemala City, Central America. - \"Man Chasing Birds\" (stolen from museum).